Covering the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and mississippi


Network Switches


 Vigitron offers a complete line of fully managed and harden switches designed for network IP cameras, offering many bandwidth and PoE features not found in standard network switches. 

IP and Analog Accessories


 Vigitron offers the most advanced PoE meters, individual port certified surge protection, and single pair alarm wire baluns for transmitting IP video and PoE. 

Ethernet Extenders


 Vigitron MaxiiCopper series consist of comprehensive IP networking over coax cable as well as the ground breaking Ethernet Extension over UTP cable. These products provide simple and cost-effective upgrade path for a wide range of security and IT applications without replacing the existing cables. 

Analog Video Transmission


 Vigitron has a complete line of analog CCTV transmission products over standard UTP cabling infrastructure. They are engineered to deliver high quality, video, power and PTZ control data signals at broad distance range and application. 

TVI/CVI/AHD Products


Vigitron offers a full line of active and passive transmitter and receiver combos for TVI, CVI and AHD systems. We can transmit AHD CAT5 or twisted pair cables, at extreme distances, some with power.

Fiber Optics


 Vigitron offers a new fiber optics line, ideal for converting existing analog fiber infrastructures to IP systems. 

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