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Pinnacle Access



The Sielox Pinnacle™ Access Control Platform is widely recognized throughout the security industry as the benchmark for access control system performance and reliability. A feature-rich, event-management software solution, Pinnacle provides superior access control management and control capabilities to best address your most demanding needs today with scalability for tomorrow.

Pinnacle is available in several versions to accommodate any size access control application ranging from retail and small businesses (SMBs) to stand-alone buildings, multi-tenant complexes, and enterprise level campuses.

Anyware Access



AnyWare™ is a simple and scalable browser-based access control monitoring and event management solution for SMBs with 8 to 40 doors, and up to 25,000 cardholders.

Configurable in minutes, the plug-and-play solution allows authorized individuals to manage doors and alarm points from anywhere, at any time, via LAN, WAN, WiFi, and cellular service. AnyWare operates on any smartphone, tablet, and laptop – providing a cost-effective, easy-to-use security foundation.



 Sielox CLASS™ (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System) is an award-winning Emergency Notification and Response Solution that dramatically improves situational awareness, saving time and potentially saving lives. A browser-based application, CLASS is accessible anywhere and anytime using a Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Device over a WAN, LAN, WIFI, or high-speed cellular network (3G/4G/LTE) connection. 

Training and Certification


 With the continued release of new features for Pinnacle, the 1700 Controller, Wireless Locks, Sielox AnyWare and Sielox Class, you will want to experience hands-on exercises to keep you current with the latest from Sielox. Everything you would touch in the field is offered in our updated courses including: Software installation, wiring controllers with readers and other devices, inputs and outputs, updating firmware and software, back-up & restore and much more. All participants will be tested at the completion of the course to receive a Sielox Technician Certification. 

1700 Board


 The renowned Sielox 1700 Access Controller is an intelligent, fully distributed 32-bit access control panel for up to 34 doors that provides facility protection even if communications have been interrupted. This field-proven, cost-effective, expandable and serviceable unit connects directly to a network, saving costs. 

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