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 Vigitron is a leading manufacturer of innovative video transmission solutions for both IP and Analog security systems. Our wide selections of products are designed to utilize existing Coax and UTP infrastructures and employ Power Over Ethernet technology to extend the highest picture quality over the furthest distances, toughest environments, and specialized requirements. 

Lowell Manufacturing


 Founded in 1947, Lowell designs, engineers and manufacturers permium quality products made in the USA for Professional/Commerical A/V, Security, Residential Custom Installation and Broadcast applications. The broad portfolio of products encompasses 19” electronic equipment racks, cabinets and rackmount accessories, power distribution and protection devices, packaged loudspeaker systems, sound masking and audio controls. 



Simply put, Panavise offers the most advanced and reliable CCTV mounts on the marketplace.   Long known for their CCTV products, they have now branched out into mobile mounts and grips and clamps.

Select Engineered Systems


 For over 30 years, SES has a well established leadership and presence in the Access Control, Telephone Entry, Intrusion Detection, and Priority Communications industries. SES is dedicated to research and development of innovative and quality products to fulfill customers’ applications and provide the best support solution to our clients. 



 The Sielox Core Products line is designed by Sielox engineers and manufactured in the USA. Sielox Pinnacle software and the 1700 controller have been developed to meet or exceed any user requirement, from entry level to enterprise-wide systems. The marriage of advanced management software with controllers from a single vendor has been a proven technology and application success since 1979. 



 Founded in 1972, Tatung company of America, Inc. is a provider of technologically advanced products, customer solutions and manufacturing services. Based in Long Beach, California, Tatung Company of America distributes a variety of products and offers a full range of manufacturing services and solutions for the world’s leading PC and electronics manufacturers. Tatung Company of America serves the world with quality people, quality products, quality services and solutions. 

Uniview Technology


 Uniview Technology (uniview tec) is a new alternative to current off-shore video security product supply. Uniview Technology is based in Coppell, Texas, a northwest suburb of Dallas, and is a Texas registered company with U.S. based operations. The operations include a fully stocked warehouse, regional sales managers and manufacturers representatives across the US, sales design and marketing support, customer technical support and full warranty and non-warranty product support. Uniview Technology’s goal is to provide up to date video product options with advanced features and capabilities to its customers at an affordable price 

CAST Lighting


 True craftsmanship is the blending of art and engineering to create a product so superior that it outshines the competition. CAST Landscape® creates solid bronze low-voltage landscape lighting that's considered best in class, built to last tools for the professional designer.