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TEC2 Series - Telephone Entry



The TEC2 provides telephone entry with the SES advantage. TEC2 series offers 2 line, 4 or 10 line LCD displays easily read in direct sunlight or at night and four capacities: 50, 125, 500 and 1000 to match your requirements. All systems come with 2 relays standard and board level surge suppression at no additional cost.

All TEC2 models have a wide variety of options so you can tailor the system to your specific needs, from card access and modem programming to linking units together on a single phone line. The stainless steel front door and aluminum back box are sure to provide years of durable service. Designed to the same high standards as the TEC1 and CAT product lines, the TEC2’s come with a two year limited warranty.

CAT Series - Telephone Entry + Access Control


 A complete access control system expandable to 16 doors and 255 relay points for control of elevators, HVAC, lights or other facility control applications that require activation or monitoring. Capacity of up to 16,200 cards, 2700 Phone numbers, 16 time zones, 16 Access levels and 16 access groups. Program with “SELCOM” software (Windows XP, Vista, 7,and 8 in their 32/64 bit versions) via internet or local using the built in modem or IP (NIC), RS232 or wireless.  Available with 2, 4, or 10 line LCD display.  All systems come with 2 relays (standard) and board level surge suppression at no additional cost. 

CAT Card



The CAT Card System is a full featured access control system. These systems can be expanded to control up to 16 doors and 255 relays point for control of elevators, HVAC, lights or otherfacility control points that require activation or monitoring. (Using optional CAT Card Reader expansion and Relay Expansion modules). The CAT Card systems can be interfaced with the CAT Series products as an extension of their capabilities using MUI options and using the same Selcom database for ease of control. 

With its Capability to have up to 16,200 cards (with individual names), 16 time zones, 16 Access levels and 16 access groups,  it meets a wide variety of applications

Cellular Select Series


Our newest and most popular product, the SG3 series of gate controllers now has cellular communications built-in.  For use with any GSM network, we include an AT&T SIM card with instructions and a special number to call for activation. 

All programming and setup is done through our mobile app, and the app allows for full management of multiple devices.

The SG3 is sleek, with a "hockey puck" antenna on top and a pleasing blue LED backlight.

SAT3 - Priority Communications


 The SAT3 automatically dials a pre-programmed telephone number when the “push for help” button is pressed and is telephone line powered.  If the SAT3 senses line busy, circuit busy or no answer, it automatically redials up to 9 additional pre-programmed numbers if these conditions are sensed.  After the SAT3’s call is answered, 2 way voice communication is provided that cannot be disabled at the SAT3.  SAT3 sends (DTMF) to ID its location <or> SIA (Security Industry Association) Fast Format ID. SAT3 can transmit either an account code or a DTMF ID upon demand.

Transmitters and Receivers


 Select Pass and Multi Pass products are a line of individually coded, rolling code transmitters and receiver products. Both products are available with 1, 2 or 4 buttons. The transmitters are small key chain size. The lightweight, contoured design fits easily into your hand and is convenient to put into a pocket or purse. Powered by replaceable internal CR-type lithium batteries. Devices automatically stops transmitting if a button is held down too long.