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Infinity NFT Series

The NFT Blizzard 2ac-90 Lite is an outdoor Wi-Fi access point that incorporates a dual-polarized 90°

 The Infinity and Blizzard Series comprises of indoor and outdoor wireless access points. These products are perfect for the SMB marketplace, offering superior connectivity and performance, at a very affordable price. Of course, these products can take advantage of our cloud services as well.

 NFT Blizzard robust access points are designed for professional outdoor hotspot scenarios in places such as camping grounds, warehouses, construction sites, ports and marinas. 

RapidFire Enterprise


 The LigoPTP RapidFire 6 — an extension of the time-tested LigoPTP line of wireless data transfer devices — empowers users to deliver superb connectivity over 6GHz frequencies. The 6GHz band provides more leg room for all types of wireless networks, allowing users to find minimally crowded channels, experience less noise and interference, and achieve greater range and throughput. 

DLB Series


LigoDLB series is our time testedproprietary product line, dedicated for short – mid range wireless links. 

Usually LigoDLBseries are used for surveillance and security applications, however WISPs deploy the equipment WTTx, last mile applications.

Security with LigoDLBseries can be also ensured in places like elevator shafts, where the main challenge is constant mobility.

Cloud Services


Private hosting of Cloud Management is free!  Just download from For Ligowave hosting, costs start as low as $69 per year, per device.

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