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Senstars’ Symphony 7 (Formerly Aimetis) is the new benchmark for intelligent video management software (VMS). Highly scalable, easy to set up and use, Symphony is the perfect solution for both single server installations and multi-server deployments.

  • High Scalability- Symphony is highly optimized at both recording and streaming video, which reduces onsite hardware
  • Web-Based Administrator- Administrators now have a dedicated HTML5-based web client, eliminating the need to install and maintain a Windows-based management client
  • Centralized Cloud Management- Through the use of Symphony Enterprise Managerâ„¢, Symphony can be managed centrally providing software updates, configuration, and health monitoring over multi-site deployments
  • Native Analytics- Symphony was developed from the ground up to support video analytics. Analytic applications include motion tracking, auto-PTZ tracking, people counting, and many more
  • High Security- Symphony employs SSL encryption on all communications to ensure a secure deployment. Penetration testing is routinely used to proactively identify and resolve potential security issues
  • Server and Storage Failover- Symphony efficiently delivers built-in failover functionality without the need for expensive Microsoft Clustering and extra servers

Transform IP video into more than a passive monitoring tool with video analytics that are seamlessly incorporated into Symphony 7. Each video analytic is specially designed for physical security and business intelligence applications, providing value across many vertical markets.

With real time alerting, smart video search, and reporting, Symphonys’ native video analytics provide the tools to change the way organizations capture and use network video.

Analytics Suites:

Face Recognition

License Plate Recognition

People and Vehicle Tracking

Crowd Detection



Click play to view an auto-tracking demo

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