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About Select Engineered Systems

For over 30 years, SES has a well established leadership and presence in the Access Control, Telephone Entry, Intrusion Detection, and Priority Communications industries. SES is dedicated to research and development of innovative and quality products to fulfill customers’ applications and provide the best support solution to our clients.

TEC1 Series

The TEC1 provides basic telephone entry with the SES advantage. TEC1 series offers 2 line or 4 line displays and five capacities: 50, 125, 250, 500, 995 to match your requirements. The “CA” models have card access capability and include a modem and TEC basic software.

TEC2 Series

Line The TEC2 provides telephone entry with the SES advantage. TEC2 series offers 2 line, 4 line, or 10 line LCD displays and four capacities: 50, 125, 500, and 1000 to match your requirements. All systems come with 2 relays standard and board level surge suppression at no additional cost.

Select Gate Series

SG Series incorporates the latest technology in gate entry control to address both residential and commercial applications. With both PIN access and Card or transmitter capability the SG series provides 9 time zones for access control and “Do Not Disturb” the provides the owner even more control. The SG series is DSL compatible without any additional equipment required.


The SAT3 automatically dials a pre-programmed telephone number when the “push for help” button is pressed and is telephone line powered (no external transformer required for SAT3). If the SAT3 senses line busy, circuit busy, or no answer, it automatically redials up to 9 additional pre-programmed numbers. The SAT3 EMT incorporates a weather resistant tower incloser with a high intensity strobe light that is activated when a call is placed by the push of the unit button.

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