Founded in 2004, NUUO Inc. is one of the leading global surveillance solution providers known for its reliability, prompt service, and innovative spirit. NUUO’s VMS and NVR solution offers comprehensive recording, monitoring, and seamless 3rd party solution integration for IP and analog cameras.

NUUO Crystal Family

The NUUO Crystal Family solutions provide high efficiency megapixel recording and management platform. It utilizes NuClient, which is a simple to operate, yet powerful remote client that is compatible with both Mac and Windows Operating Systems

NUUO Titan Pro  |  NUUO Network Storage  |  NUUO Crystal  |  NUUO Titan NVR

NUUO Mainconsole Family

The NUUO Mainconsole Family is a truly complete Tri-Brid recording and management platform (IP, HD-SDI, SD-CCTV). It offers unparalleled freedom in system design and advanced feature sets to satisfy diverse project requirements.

NUUO CMS  |  NUUO Mainconsole  |  NUUO Hybrid Appliance  |  NUUO NVRmini 2  |  NUUO IVS  |  NUUO NVRsolo  |  NUUO IP Appliance  |  NUUO Report Service



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